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It provides the social Wi-Fi solution to Hotspot, Enterprises, Internet Service Providers, Managed Service Provider, SaaS Applications, Digital Service Agencies and so on. It helps marketing team to provide Promos, discount coupons, email marketing etc . to add-on the revenue and fetch the customers back to business grow. 

Real-time Wi-Fi analytics

Capture social user details with Wi-Fi, easily filter your user data in real-time, identify trends and generate reports for export.

Marketing automation made easy

Automatically send user and demographic data instantly into your marketing database with 'smart' connection triggers.

Simple customer dashboards

Give sub-users access to a simplified dashboard with limited permission levels to offer remote management and real-time analytics.

Streamline your installations

Easily add locations, configure devices and create campaigns with just a few clicks! Our automated setup process to save you tons of time.

Close more deals, faster

Automatically generate live Social Wi-Fi campaign previews all from using a Facebook™ Page, then capture prospect information directly to your new Sales CRM.


Cloud Based Social Wi-Fi Platform

Manage your guest Wi-Fi login campaigns, location and guest analytics from any browser or mobile phone.

Splash Page Campaign Builder

Advanced WYSIWYG Builder allows you to update your campaigns in real time with no coding required.

Device Management

Easily manage all your access points in one place. Get real-time device status and push changes instantly.

Location & Venues

Create geographic locations for your Wi-Fi marketing campaigns and group devices to sync marketing efforts.

Amazon AWS Global Distribution

Offer the fastest Social Wi-Fi solution using the Amazon CDN (Content Delivery Network) global infrastructure

Dashboard Custom Domain (SSL)

Map your dashboard to your own domain for control panel management. (e.g admin.yourdomain.com)

Wi-Fi Portal Custom Domain

Map captive portal guests to your own domain name when connecting to Wi-Fi (e.g. wifi.yourdomain.com)

Sub-Users Account Management

Create sub users with limited permission to delegate management and allow campaign analytics monitoring.

Dashboard Overview

View daily activity analysis for connected guests, connection history, demographics, visitor trends and more.

Real Time Analytics

Up to date statistics on your hotspot and collected guest data, easily filterable and sortable.

Social Guest CRM

Manage guest profiles with Names, Email, Gender, Birthdays, Demographics, Visits, Bandwidth, Time Spent and more.

Quick Report View

A real time reporting page that displays a specific connected guests and stats for a specific guest (great for sub-users).

Custom Analytics Reports

Pre-configures and PDF exportable analytics templates ready to share with your clients and marketing team.

Automated Email Reporting

Setup Daily/Weekly/Monthly automatic email reporting or analytics and data exports.

Data Exports CSV & PDF

Export all data in flexible data formats for historic downloads and easy importing into 3rd party systems.

Activity Timeline

View a time sorted graphical overview of all recent connected Wi-Fi guests.

Custom SSID

Create a custom SSID (guest Wi-Fi network name) for your social Wi-Fi and change on schedule.

Custom Header and Footer

Create custom graphics and text in the header and footer to your landing page with our easy to use editor.

Custom Legal Disclaimer

Set your own Custom Legal Terms and Conditions which guests must accept when logging in.

Customer Confirmation

Create a custom Thank You page that is displayed to the guest once he logs in

Deep Link Redirects

Redirect connected guests to a URL or deep link (within a particular mobile app e.g. Instagram, Snapchat)

App Store Redirects

Redirect connected guests to 1-click app install pages on the Apple App Store and Google Android Market.

Campaign Scheduler

Create a campaign scheduler that automatically changes your guest Wi-Fi experience on the fly, based on time or day.

Multi Language

Connection buttons and custom login form translated in to 26 languages with option to allow guests to toggle languages

Campaign Preview Links

View a time sorted graphical overview of all recent connected Wi-Fi guests.

Email/Custom Login Form

Create a custom SSID (guest Wi-Fi network name) for your social Wi-Fi and change on schedule

SMS Login (Twilio)

Create custom graphics and text in the header and footer of your landing page with our easy to use editor

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