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30 Jun

Hey there! If you're searching for the website Chat messenger to communicate with your client and to collect the information then nothing could be better than JivoChat. You can actually increase your revenue by connecting with your clients. Fetch their information before they leave your website. Yes, JivoChat can do this all with friction. 

You must be thinking that how JivoChat is different than others and helps its customers with right value proposition. Then to tell that JivoChat has Unique features like, Calling. Yes, you read it correct! It has the features so that you can receive/male calls directly from the JivoChat itself. Interesting, huh! So hot it works. Let me tell you something about it.

You give the option to your client to get on a call. He provides his number. It rings all the agent’s phones simultaneously. Now, any of the agent picks up the call, rest’s ring stops. Chosen Agent now gets connected with the client and boom!!! Not only this, while having a call with the client, agent is provided with all the details of the visitor. Like, how did they find you, what page he’s looking into currently, where is he from. Moreover, the agent will still be able to chat with the visitor while having call altogether. Hold, the visitor can’t get on a call right away, its ok. Just schedule it. Yes, you can schedule the call too. Yes, they know how important the time is and got this done for you.

Another one is the APP. Yes, JivoChat has got mobile app. Consequently, so your agent never misses a call or chat wherever they are. They can receive the call on app as well in addition on the SIP phone connected your IP-PBX. Cool, isn’t it.

Calling isn't the only feature additionally you can also integrate it with your existing social media messengers. So, what’s next we’ve not talked about yet. Facebook, yeah! Get those messages directly on your website as Most of the companies/individual have one or more page on FB and communicate with the clients on FB messenger. Don’t worry, JivoChat got your back and can do integration with your FB messenger too. Telegram and Viber are the other apps you can connect. This could not be easier than this.

All communication in one App

Don't switch the app to check email, receiving business call, or chatting whether FB or the visitor on your website. This is fantastic as you get all your communication email, Business phone, FB messenger, your team chat and most important customer chat. All in one place. Yes, JivoChat provide all in same place. Click here to get it. 

Customer service enhancement 

Everyone wants that their customers should get the best/on time/instant  support. In order to do that need to know how your team is responding/ performing. You can check the stats of your team/agents and find where it can be done better and take action. 

Ticket management and Team communication

So when it comes to ease of having chat and getting it transferred to the best suitable agent, we got that too. Agents have the ease of transfer, populating the chat status like new, completed etc. so that team can understand it clearly. 


Question: how much does it cost? Believe me, it's pretty much affordable and revenue generating. Just Sign-up for the demo and use it for 14 days. 

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